Nubiles Tube Script Examples

Nubiles Tube Script Features

  • It's free! Link back to (using your own ref code) is the only requirement.
  • Google Site Map and map generator
  • FHG spider that turns hosted movie galleries into flash videos on your server. (requires ffmpeg)
  • Mass scheduling allows you to put your site on auto pilot, schedule thousands of videos with one click.
  • Export your flash pages back out of the script for import into TGP scripts.
  • Flash video pages are spiderable by Smart Thumbs for inserting them into MGP/Tube hybrid
  • Auto updating using feeds from supporting sponsors
  • Mass editing feature allows you to quickly delete, schedule, or add categories to videos
  • Works with sponsor embed flash videos
  • NO user uploads, you the webmaster control all the content
  • Works with trade scripts, skim on your thumbs or use it on the hardlinks only
  • Light mysql usage with cron tab writes to db
  • Ability to hotlink flvs and thumb previews from sponsors that support the dump format
  • Flash video overlay advertisements per sponsor
  • Custom ad html per sponsor
  • Customizable thumb preview size
  • Create your own CSS design or use one of the prebuild templates
  • Link exchanges built into admin
  • Surfers can create their own favorites list
  • Auto insert new categories from your spider/dump lists or match the new categories with your existing ones
  • Add 2257 links for each sponsor / channel

Download the Script

Server Requirements

  • Linux/Unix operating system
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Mysql database (mysql version 4.1 +)
  • Imagemagick (recommended but optional)*
  • FFmpeg (recommended but optional) *
  • FLVtool2 (recommended but optional) *
  • WGET (recommended but optional) *
  • PHP 4.3.x or higher with:

    1. GD library version 2 or higher*
    2. PHP CLI
    3. Setting: allow_url_fopen ON (only if no WGET installed)

  • Crontab access

*Notes on Requirements.

  • ImageMagick or GD is required to crop images from galleries and to make category preview images, you don't need either if you are running a hotlink only tube and don't want preview images for categories.
  • FLVTool2 is not required if you have the lastest version of FFMPEG installed.
  • WGET is recommended and is much faster for spidering vs. using allow_url_fopen in php.

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